Additional Dwelling Units

What Are Additional Dwelling Units (ADU)?

Additional Dwelling Units (also known as an ADUs, Second Units, accessory or basement apartments, secondary suites, carriage houses, laneway suites and in-law flats) are self-contained residential units with kitchen and bathroom facilities within dwellings or within accessory structures (for example, within a detached garage).

This new development project allowed the province to fast track housing projects in Windsor Ontario using this permit process called ADUs.

Lots Eligible for ADUs in Windsor

Properties are estimated to be eligible for ADUs with no restrictions.
Properties are estimated to be eligible for internal or attached ADUs, or external ADUs with some restrictions.
Properties are estimated to be ineligible for internal, attached, or external ADUs.
additional dwelling units

What is is an online tool intended to educate and inform, is the first stop for property owners, policymakers, non-profit housing providers, and researchers interested in the availability of ADU-eligible properties in their community.

By looking at individual lots, neighbourhoods, and an entire city, users can get a sense of where ADUs currently exist, where they are possible, and how construction of further ADUs can be encouraged.

Where are Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) Permitted?

  1. ADUs are permitted in residential areas within single detached, semi-detached, and townhome/rowhouse dwellings and/or within a building accessory to these dwelling types. ADUs are not permitted within any other dwelling type (e.g. a duplex, double duplex or multiple dwelling). To confirm whether an ADU is permitted, please contact the Planning Division by referring to the contact information provided below.
  2. In floodplain areas, ADUs are not permitted within basements. See map of areas regulated by the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA). For more information regarding the location of floodplain areas, please contact ERCA at 519-776-5209 or
  3. Outside of floodplain areas, basement units may be permitted where downspouts have been disconnected, a sump pump has been installed, and a backflow prevention valve has been installed. Click the following links for more information regarding:

Spruce It Up Renovations Wants you to know

The housing market today has skyrocketed dramatically from housing costs of 2018. Homes that used to sell for 200,000 then, are selling for 500,000 and up today.

The cost effectiveness for a typical semi-retired or retired Canadian to buy a full size home today has lost its sparkle.

When you  typically migrate to warmer climates from novem-burr to March, you are  leaving behind a home that’s costing $1,400 a month in mortgage payments, $270 per month in property taxes and $150 per month in basic utilities required to keep it warm and running. That’s $1,820 you have to pay out while retired and abroad. And if there’s an emergency at your Canadian residence you are going to be paying much more to travel back and take care of any eventuality that can occur while you were away.

With an Additional Dwelling Unit, the building costs are half of what an older homes purchase price would be. Leaving you with a greatly reduced monthly mortgage payment and interest rate-the savings on this alone are HUGE. The fact that it’s built on an existing property also greatly reduces the property tax AND, utilities are minor due to the size of the dwelling. You can be looking at an $800 bill per month-all in- versus the $1,800 you would normally be expecting to pay for an older home. And with the dwelling being on the same property as a family member, emergencies are easily dealt with by loved ones who are already there. Saving you from unwanted travel worry!

Further benefits include:

  • Updated utilities and efficiency
  • built brand new to suit your needs
  • smaller dwellings require less maintenance and upkeep…that’s less vacuuming, floor cleaning, dusting and other household chores

Generation Z

Home purchase can be in most cases an impossibility.

Banking institutions and loan companies are requiring perfect credit scores, 2 years proof of full time employment, debt to income ratios that are beyond 99% of new adults just entering the work force.

And if they do qualify as first time buyer’s, the payment required is typically in the neighborhood of $2,800 a month with much of that being interest payment and very little going to the principal.

And then your stuck with an older home requiring some remodelling, outdated utilities and insulation requiring higher utility payments, and a stand alone land tax in the neighbourhood of $3,500 a year.  Property maintenance and upkeep is huge as well.

Purchase of an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit)

  • cuts all of this in half making a new home-
  • affordable!
  • provides brand new living arrangements that are updated, built to suit, and close to home.

Can’t get a mortgage or find getting one very expensive?

Call today for a no obligation ballpark quote and free information on how to get your dream of owning a brand new home affordably.

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