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Who We Are

Spruce It Up Renovations

Any company is only as good as the last job they did. Spruce It Up Renovations stands by that very true motto and provides the references of not just selected customers who received what they paid for but, the last customer we serviced no matter what the circumstance. As you can see by our website, we prefer to engage the customer with a positive work experience while we work on your home. Loud music, suggestive music, or talk is not conducive to such a positive work environment and so you will never hear this while on the job.

We have found over the years that when we come to work we are in the process of transforming your home and in doing so, the transformation usually is an interactive one. Owner/operator of Spruce It Up Renovations have clean criminal histories, are family-friendly and non-smoking.

Family Owned & Operated

“One moto Spruce It Up Renovations follows during an install is that the job at hand (although is usually multi-faceted) must be completed from start to finish. That means no loose ends left behind while moving on to the next step of the project.” Owner, Spruce It Up Renovations

Who We Are

Spruce It Up Renovations

Spruce It Up Renovations is an interior/exterior finishing company with many years experience and many qualified experts working as a team in a very professional manner. We strive to make the customer happy and will go the extra mile if required to get the job done. We currently have 4 employees who have at least one years’ experience with Spruce It Up Renovations, in addition to having previous experience with former finishing companies. We provide ALL types of construction from rough to finishing systems. All exterior elements such as canopies and lighting are also covered by us. We strive to be as much of a ‘turn-key’ operation as possible.

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Commited to Our Clients Vision

We build lasting relationship


Safety is always our #1 Priority when on any job for both our employees and your family.


We work Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm to allow your family the time it needs to work around the renovation.


All jobs are finished from start to finish, with no loose ends left behind while moving on to the next step of the project. This allows for quality and not quantity.


We can match or beat other competitors in most areas of construction. We are honest when we cant and can recommend others who do quality work for a better price. Some areas of work are better served by specialists in one particular field and we work with them to acheive completed contracts.


By now we hope you see we are an honest bunch who are family orientated and who will help you with your project even when we can see others are needed to complete the work you are needing. Integrity means a lot to us. Integrity follows through to completion.

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